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The Collaboration Benefits of NCITE™

Collaboration Benefits

  1. Computer Science and Information Technology Expertise : NCITE™ can provide a full complement of expertise in computer science and information technology to help you build your educational component (instructional tools, "intelligent" courseware, and so on). NCITE™ is part of CSE that has researchers with the skills and expertise to develop robust software tools with advanced, customized features that meet your needs. NCITE™ has built online learning objects, intelligent tutoring systems, and computer-supported cooperative learning systems.
  2. Advanced Computing Resources : NCITE™ can provide advanced computing resources for visualization or simulation that you might need for your instructional needs. CSE's synergistic relationship with the Research Computing Facility can facilitate the use of the PrairieFire supercomputer and the Access Grid and other advanced resources including visualization
  3. Instructional and Pedagogical Expertise : NCITE™ can provide instructional and pedagogical expertise and credibility. Researchers at NCITE™ have extensive experience in designing research methods for collecting and analyzing data for educational research.
  4. Joint PhD Research Projects : NCITE™ can facilitate joint PhD research projects. CSE has a PhD in IT program that can be tailored to your discipline as well as used to recruit graduating MS students in your discipline to conduct IT research in your discipline; or recruit graduating MS students from CS to apply IT techniques and paradigms to your discipline.
  5. Educational Communities and Affiliates : NCITE™ can provide K-12 outreach strategies for your educational agendas. NCITE ™has affiliates in NCERT, the AIM Institute, Buros, and LPS. CSE can provide connections with local and state high schools through its CSE Day.
  6. Other tangibles : NCITE™ has name recognition; NCITE™ can build "intelligent tools" that could be used by you to develop your courseware (e.g., a data entry tool that reads in plain text and automatically generates SCORM-compliant learning objects); NCITE™ can serve as a portal to disseminate your educational resources.

In a nutshell: NCITE™ can enable you to capitalize on the information age to transform education in your discipline with improved instruction and student learning.