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Current Objectives of NCITE


  • Maintain and improve the name recognition of NCITE
  • Expand partnerships with other researchers on campus


  • Continue to submit proposals to NSF programs
    • Reinventing CS Curriculum, I-MINDS, Affinity Learning
  • Become the authority and resource on UNL campus for IT in education research
    • Value-added component for other disciplines/projects
  • Inform affiliates through monthly e-mail and/or twice-a-year newsletters
  • Conduct seminars for CEHS and CSE faculty to learn about all aspects of using IT in education
  • Obtain a visiting faculty position expert in instructional design and assessment


  • Secure infrastructural or large-scale funding
  • Become a leader and authority in intelligent IT research for education
  • Expertise and resources


  • Work with CSE and UNL to formulate plans to approach private/corporate foundations for support
  • Form "consortia" with other centers and institutions with shared visions and interests
  • Submit large-scale proposals

Past Objectives and Themes