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The Activities of NCITE™

National Symposium on Information Technology in Education (NSITE)

NCITE™ organized and hosted 2003 and 2004 National Symposium for Information Technology in Education (NSITE) at Lincoln , Nebraska .

For the Proceedings (books) from the two symposia:

Bruning, R., C. A. Horn, L. M. PytlikZillig (2003). Web-Based Learning: What Do We Know? Where Do We Go? , Greenwich , CT; Information Age Publishing, 275 pages, 12 chapters (book abstract and pdf, see attached)

PyllikZillig, L. M., M. Bodvarsson, R. Bruning (2005). Technology-Based Education: Bringing Researchers and Practitioners Together , Greenwich, CT : Information Age Publishing, 274 pages, 11 chapters (find the link of the book)

Symposium websites:

NSITE 2002: http://www.ncite.unl.edu/NESymposium

NSITE 2004: http://www.ncite.unl.edu/nsite

Other Activites of NCITE™