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Past Objectives and Themes of NCITE

Past Objectives

NCITE™'s primary goal is to help create and extend the theoretical foundation for using technology in education. In achieving that goal, we are pursuing the following objectives:

  • Through research, develop rules and methods for effectively using technology in teaching and learning
  • Through research, develop methods and technologies to measure the impact of technology on teaching and learning
  • Pursue and support technical standards that result in sharing of content, assessment tools, and data gathering without regard to the computer platform
  • Create tomorrow's expert developers and appliers
    • MS and PhD programs
      • Appliers: Major in Education, Minor in Computer Science
      • Developers: Major in Computer Science, Minor in Education

Past Themes

NCITE™'s Planning Team developed three themes to engender and guide program and project development. Themes are intended to be cross-organization and cross-discipline.

  1. Research and Development: The role of technology in teaching and learning -- developing the pedagogical basis
    • How can and how should technology support learning?
    • How can and how should technology support teaching?
    • What are effective, appropriate and necessary technology-based tools to aid in assessing the effectiveness of teaching, the quality of learning, and the efficacy of technology?
  2. Research and Development: Interrelationship of technology, education, and society
    • What are the societal and public policy issues that affect the use of technology in education?
    • What are the approaches and mechanisms to overcome the effective use of technology in education?
  3. Moving research into practice: people and tools
    • Create university-level programs to develop technical expertise in the creation of educational technology. Establish programs for computer scientists and software engineers that provide substantial foundation in education practice and learning theory.
    • Create university-level programs to improve expertise among educators in developing content for delivery through educational technology.
    • Improve programs that train educators to apply educational technology and to assess its impact.
    • Develop, adapt, and evaluate educational technology tools.

Current Objectives